Friday, September 18, 2009

nursing cover

I love the new nursing covers that women are using now-a-days. The ease and privacy of nursing your baby without worrying about your blanket falling, or your baby pulling it free is peace of mind to any new mother! I couldn't believe when I saw one in a local boutique for nearly $50! Most women would say it is worth the investment, but I say, why not make an alternative version for cheaper? This is how you can make a nursing cover with items you already have around the home. I plan on making the blanket and the apron straps myself. Wouldn't this be a darling gift idea for an expecting mother?
Step 1

The top part of a nursing cover looks like an apron, so it comes in handy when you are trying to make a nursing cover. Use your scissors to cut off the apron strap.


Find a baby blanket that you are not planning on using. It should be wide enough to cover the baby and your chest. A baby blanket made out of 100% cotton will be the right type of blanket to use because it will keep your baby cool in warmer weather.


Place the blanket on a flat surface and sew the two buttons in to the middle of the blanket about eight inches apart from each other. Cut a small slit on each end of the apron strap that is large enough for the buttons.

Step 4

Attach the strap to blanket and out it on just like you would an apron. Enjoy nursing your baby in public without having to hold up a blanket!

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