Wednesday, September 9, 2009

for your childs room

**this idea was inspired by some spring blocks that i did with my neighbor** there is a trend right now in nursery rooms/ kids room where you get the wooden letters and put your child's name on the wall. sometimes people attach ribbon and hang them. you know what i am talking about. well, here is a cute way to dress up the wooden letters so that it looks like you bought it from a boutique instead of an obvious "do-it-yourself" project. it would also be an adorable baby gift. here is how you do it:

1. wooden letters
2. wood stain
3. nail file
4. paint brush
5. mod-podge
6. assortment of coordinating scrapbooking paper
7. scissors
8. embellishments, optional

1. purchase wooden letters (found in roberts/michaels) and stain them with a wood stain
2. with a nail file, file the edges for a more rustic look, revealing some of the true wood.
3. place your letter face down on a piece of scrapbook paper, and trace out the letter. cut the paper out.
4. using mod-podge and a paint brush, apply a thin layer of mod-podge to your letter, and carefully stick the cut out scrapbooking paper to the letter. allow to dry.
5. using nail file, file away any excess paper.
6. apply another thin layer of mod-podge on top of the paper, and the entire wooden letter. dry.
7. embellish with buttons, ribbon, or leave plain.

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