Tuesday, September 1, 2009

fall lanterns

spring fever is a commonly used phrase- especially here in utah. but lately, i have had a case of fall fever. i am longing to decorate the porch with hay bails, pumpkins, candles... and these adorable lanterns that i made today. i am filling my void of fall fever with fall craft projects! my basement is filling up, and by the time october rolls around i will be able to show them off! i thought this one was a secret worth sharing. it took about 10-15 minutes to assemble two.

what you need:
candle lantern - $10
fall leaves spray - $2 (1 spray is enough for 5 lanterns)
flower- $2
ribbon- $2-3 (i used three different patterns)

1. tie each piece of your ribbon in a basic bow around the top of your lantern.
2. bend the flower stem around the lantern, trimming off any extra stem
3. cut a branch of the leaf spray, and stick into the knot of the ribbon. repeat on opposite side with a different knot.

idea by stacy

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