Wednesday, September 16, 2009

kids framed art

when i was pregnant with my little boy, my mom and i began the exciting chore of creating a nursery. we picked out the perfect furniture, adorable bedding, and all the nick-knacks needed for my wee one. we felt that we needed some type of art on the wall. while we were at our local TARGET i began looking at the art. simple kids art was $29.99, and i was looking for 4-5 pieces. me, being the cheap-o i am thought that was way too much. so mom and i came up with a cheaper solution that turned out darling.

this is what we bought:
1. 8x8 white frames at IKEA ($7/frame)
2. 1 package of receiving blankets that matched the crib bedding ($9.99 for 4 blankets)
3. wooden emblems from michaels/roberts craft store ($0.50/pc)
TOTAL COST: Less than $10 per piece

this is what we did:
1. we cut the fabric of the receiving blankets to match the size of the frame, and hot glued it to the backing of the frame to create a background.
2. then we hot glued our emblem to the center of the fabric
3. we reassembled the frames, and hung them on the wall

why this is so cool:
if i had bought the more expensive TARGET art it would no longer be usable if the next baby was a different gender or when my child grew out of his nursery. with the art we created, i can simply remove the fabric and re-design new art work for the next baby's nursery. or as my child grows, his art pieces can grow with him.

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