Wednesday, September 30, 2009

for mommy dearest

my mom requested advice on decorating after a recent (and amazing, i might add) remodel to her front room. my dad built a bookshelf with pillars that reach the ceiling. she is looking to put something on her bookshelf that has the following features: (1) is visually appealing from each side of the bookcase, (2) something that isn't tall, so the view from the living room to the dining room will not be obstructed, (3) doesn't have books, since books are already displayed on the shelves.
my mind immediate went to tall objects, such as vases, candle pillars, and lamps, but this wouldn't match the criteria. so here is my thoughts, mom. too much decor will make the piece look busy, and will distract from the new piece, which really is the focal point. you want something simple that will compliment the bookcase. my idea is to find an oblong bowl/platter/tray that is white or silver. then find decorative balls that will match the decor in your room, and place them in the bowl. here are some pictures for inspiration. the 1st picture, look at the piece that is on the bottom part of the coffee table. i personally prefer the rounder oblong shape similar to the last image over the rectangular shaped bowls/platters/trays... but whatever you like best. it's been a while since you asked too, so maybe you've already thought of something.

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