Tuesday, September 8, 2009

birthday cupcakes - easier, cuter

so i'd like to start of this post by saying that these adorable ideas are from my sister-in-law lisa, and my neighbor melissa. they are both avid bakers, and quite talented i might add! these adorable cupcakes make birthday parties a piece of cake (no pun intended). it takes the ease out of cutting everyone a piece, you just hand them out. it helps that they are adorable also. i fully intend on following the jazzed up cupcake idea for future birthday parites. since everyone dies when they see these adorable things, i knew it was a secret worth sharing.

1. make cupcakes as instructed on box (or for moister cake, follow cake box instructions and then- add 1 c sour cream, 1 small box instant jello pudding, and 1 c sugar)
2. cookie monster cupcakes: frost with white vanilla frosting, and cover liberally with blue gem sprinkles. put remaining frosting in ziplock and with scissors cut the corner of the ziplock. squeeze the frosting out of the opening to make the eyes. use chips ahoy cookies for the mouth, and chocolate chips for the black of the eye.
3. minnie mouse cupcakes: you will want 2 cans of vanilla frosting, and one tube of red food coloring (found in party stores)
. Empty contents of 1 jar of vanilla frosting into medium sized mixing bowl. Add entire jar of food coloring - mix well, cover, and let sit overnight. It takes a while for the true red to come through. It will look dark pink at first. The next day - frost the cupcakes with red frosting. Take small scoop of vanilla frosting (from second can) and place in plastic baggie. Snip off very small corner of the bag, and squeeze white frosting for polka dots. They will look pointy at first. Allow them to dry before pushing down tips. Take Oreos and twist open. Push down through frosting and into cupcakes. Don't worry about removing the frosting from the back of the Oreos - people like that part anyway!

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