Thursday, October 8, 2009

i could change the world, one furniture piece at a time

this is my new baby right now. i found a blog BETTER AFTER that basically shows before and afters of furniture projects. this first one is by far my favorite i have seen. i LOVE it. to update, my chairs are taken apart, and i am getting ready to start refinishing the wood. i really hope this project works out and doesn't put a damper on my burst of confidence. i will take pictures along the way.
(ADVICE: in case anybody actually looks at my blog, and is thinking about attempting this, i wanted to give some advice. i spent a few trips to DI and Savers and have found that it is a waste of time, and that even if there is something cute enough their prices are too high. so don't waste your time shopping there. simply click on your local craigslist a few times a day and eventually something will come up.)
i also am a huge fan of the two tone furniture- where you refinish some of the wood and paint the rest. my sister in law jamie found a kitchen table that she loves this way. i don't dare mess up your beautiful table until i am pro at this jam. (all pictures courtesy of Better After)

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  1. You know, I stumbled onto your blog while searching Halloween crafts. Instead, I became so enthralled in your design ideas and lovely photography that (not surprisingly) my original search went by the wayside.

    Thank you for creating such a beautiful and inspiring blog.