Tuesday, October 6, 2009

be a good neighbor...

...and start spreading the holiday cheer! i have to say this is one of my favorite holiday traditions. maybe it is because i die laughing watching my hubby doorbell ditch the neighbors and try to stay unseen (he HATES it by the way). perphaps it is the way making a treat for someone brightens my day. or maybe it is the smile that comes to my face every time i see a new "BOO" sign appear in a window. whatever the reason, i love this halloween tradition. in years past, it has always been a pain to make 2 copies of a poem, and as you can imagine, a copy of a copy (and so forth) eventually becomes pretty pathetic in quality. which is why i am loving this BOO poem that i came across this year. instead of advising your neighbors to go make copies, they simply can visit a website to reprint copies for themselves. it makes the process easier, and the quality will remain. so go ahead and spread the holiday cheer in your neighborhood. there isn't anything better than bringing a smile to someone's face.

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