Tuesday, October 13, 2009

home furnishing - timeless

sometimes i wish that i could start the furnishing and decorating process over. now that my house is fully furnished and decorated, my taste has changed a little bit, and i think about how i would have chosen differently. one of the main phrases i keep thinking about is "timeless". you can choose the style that happens to be trendy right now, or you can choose a piece that is "timeless"-- something that looks good now, and will still look good later. i often can tell the age of furniture by the stain of wood. when decorating my kids' rooms, i prefer white furniture. it has been used for decades, and will never "age". i can always change out the hardware to stay with the current times. when choosing an actual stain for a wood, i prefer the darker wood. of course that is certainly a trend right now, but it is also a very traditional stain, one that you would find in many antique pieces. if i were to build my home, i would want to choose a kitchen with white cabinets. again, i think it is timeless, a style that will not age my kitchen in 10 years. unfortunately, like most of you, such decisions are made with your most treasured loved one, and mine doesn't happen to like it. most likely we'll never build anyway, so i guess that issue won't arise. when choosing bedding for kids i am finding that solid quilted bedspreads are a darling, and great choice. they are extremely durable, will last through the years, and will always be "cute". when i think about flooring, i am a huge hardwood fan. tile changes so often, and i think is another factor that tells the age of a home. hardwood has been around forever, and although it is more upkeep, i think it is worth it. i am going to be more picky in the future about what i choose for my home, trying to keep things timeless.


  1. ooh, how I love white Kitchen cabinets. If only I could afford the stainless and granite to go along!

  2. Good decor! LOVE it.
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