Thursday, November 19, 2009

getting organized

i have always been a fan of the "Shelf Reliance" rotating shelf systems. but at $500/pop i have had a very difficult time justifying buying it. i mean, at that price i could practically purchase all of my food storage... even if i didn't have the convenient storing option. but the convenience of having a system that rotates the older cans to the front.... i really wanted it to be a part of my food storage. so i have just put off both the shelf and the food storage because i don't want to do one without the other.

and now i just learn that my next door neighbor sells the next best thing at a price anyone can afford! i think it is a genius product, and i can hardly wait for them to get back in town so i can reorganize my entire pantry. i am getting anxious just thinking about it. and i really can't believe i didn't know about this sooner! i know there are so many people out there that would like this, so i have to share!!!!! visit them at "THE CAN ORGANIZER!"

Option 1- Cupboard Organizer
This smaller option fits conveniently in your cupboards and rotates 9 soup cans, or 8 vegetable cans, or 18 tuna cans. You get 4 of them for only $11.96!!!

Option 2- Pantry Organizer
This is a longer option that fits
16 Vegetable, 18 Soup, or 39 Tuna cans. This is the perfect option for me, and my deep pantry shelves. This would also be what I imagine you'd use in a cold storage room, depending on how deep your shelves are. Again, you get a 4 pack for just $15.96.

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